Places, spaces and (most importantly!) the people who use them - that's at the core of an effective activation or placemaking strategy.  Passive or active, pop-up or seeded activaton, we love creating programs that connect and reflect communities and their needs.



With connections in digital and traditional channels Twentieth Letter can plan and deploy your advertising and media strategy.

Whether print, digital display, PPC/Search, radio, out-of-home, TV or cinema, we can assist with identifying the best solutions for your project and negotiate rates within your budget.



Saying your brand is your logo is like saying your personality is your clothes. It really goes much deeper than that.
We work to create your brand identity from essence to execution... so that others see your business exactly as you want.



Working with a range of talented creatives and designers, Twentieth Letter takes your already established brand to produce artwork to suit your objectives and guidelines. Or if you're starting out or just need a refresh, our creative strategy will develop an identity that suits you to a T.



Disseminating your message can be a minefield. We can work with you on top line strategy and take you right through to delivery phase to ensure that your messages and your brand are received in a positive way, and that any potential negative feedback is proactively managed. Communications plans to copywriting ... need we say more?



CMS, PPC, SEO, CRM, SEM ... lots of acronyms in the world of digital -but what do they all mean exactly? We have expertise to cut through the hype and help you craft a digital strategy that compliments your marketing direction and yields solid ROI (sorry - one more acronym).

Social Media + Community Management

Social media can provide you with an instant focus group where you can trial content and disseminate your messages quickly direct to your end-user. However the nature of the forum also means that negative feedback can escalate quickly into a PR nightmare. Regular content, diligent monitoring and quick responses to queries can help align your target audience to your brand, taking users from 'observers' to 'brand advocates'.


Think of your website is your modern-day calling card. It's often one of the first interactions a potential customer will have with your brand. Twentieth Letter can help you design, build and manage your website to keep content fresh and relevant.


Want to connect with your audience before, during and long-after a campaign? Twentieth Letter can provide clever and creative strategic content that will resonate with your audience.  




We can assist with concept, planning, sourcing and execution of your event including providing event staff, sourcing catering, developing risk management plans and ensuring that your event is on brand, and is memorable for all the right reasons.


Marketing + Promotions

How long is a piece of string? We work on long-term marketing strategy and project delivery, or on a case-by-case basis with companies who have a major campaign looming that requires swift action. From sales activation through to promotions and awareness campaigns. Forget the 4-Ps ... We give you the whole alphabet.

Brand Ambassadors

We make sure that the face of your campaign truly represents your brand. Twentieth Letter can provide you with high-quality promotional team members who can engage with your customers and drive your promotional campaign to reach a maximum return on investment.

Gift Wrapping

An offer of a gift-wrap service is a sound investment to amplify campaigns at key retail periods; Twentieth Letter can offer a turn-key gift wrapping solution, with the ability to be activated on short-notice. 


Media + Public Relations

We can help you identify media targets and put your key messages on the media agenda in a meaningful way, resulting in positive press coverage and an engaged end-user.


Our aim is to disseminate your key messages, using varied story angles: resulting in positive press with your brand both prominent and dominant. We can also work with you on media monitoring solutions.

Public Relations

If 90% of the conversation around your brand is from the public, let's make sure that the context is positive.  From media releases, to stunts and activations and advertorial content, we will create campaigns that get people talking about you.

Issues  + Crisis Management

Sometimes things go wrong in business - Twentieth Letter can consult with you on response plans, crisis communications plans, holding statements and recovery messaging. And of course manage media on your behalf.


Stakeholder Management

We can work with you to define your objectives, consult with key influencers, identify the central stakeholders and develop key message platforms to deliver a roadmap for navigating you towards your end-goal.

Especially in the world of development and construction

Community Engagement

Community engagement can be motivated by a number of desired outcomes – reduced barriers, desire for support,  genuine desire to engage, Overall the driver is a desire for and results in, advocacy. We are able to guide you through every stage of the process: discovery, direction and importantly, delivery.